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Football AD and Coach Information

AD/Coach Information

(Updated 10/17/2018)

» 6A | 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A
Includes information regarding tickets, lodging, videotaping, officials, awards, souvenirs

Event Management Information (EMI)

» 6A EMI | 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A EMI
Information for schools hosting playoff contests

Football Plan Book

(Updated 9/11/2018)

» Football Plan Book
Contains the season dates, NFHS rule changes, OSAA football rules and policies, state championship information and qualifications, OSAA general policies

Reminders / Memos

» 2018 NFHS Football Interpretations
2018 NFHS Football Rule Interpretations and Clarifications

» 2018 Fall Reminders
Contains reminders regarding participation limitations, football related OSAA policy, rule changes,reminders,and POE's for the 2018 season

» 2018 Sub-Varsity Kick Modifications
Memo outlines various exceptions to the kicking game at the sub-varsity level

» 2018 NFHS Football Rule Changes
Football Players with Improper Equipment Will Be Removed for One Down

» Heads Up Football
Memo outlines Heads Up Football Certification reminders for all member schools

Heads Up Football

Heads Up Football enrollment instructions, quick quide help documents, Player Safety Coach clinic schedule, and required online course instructions for all coaches is included on this page.

» Player Safety Coach Listing
Listing provides contact info all PSC's at OSAA member schools

Championship Spectator Info

» Hillsboro Stadium - 5A, 4A, 1A Final
» Cottage Grove HS - 3A, 2A Final
Includes information regarding tickets, parking, seating, spectator conduct, videotaping, awards, souvenirs

6A Championship Spectator Info

» 6A - Hillsboro Stadium
Includes information regarding tickets, parking, seating, spectator conduct, videotaping, awards, souvenirs

USA Football - Practice Planner

» Not a member of USA Football yet? Register for Free
Instructions to create a High School Coach membership at USA Football - Required to access the Practice Planner

» Already a member of USA Football? Select icon below to access the Practice Planner - login required.

Quarter Calculators

Daily Football Quarter Calculator
5th Quarter No 5th Quarter

State Rule Interpreter Bulletins

Updates/reminders for officials sent throughout the season

» Sub-Varsity Kicking Game Modifications Q&A
» Week 1 Reminders and Notes